About in4it

We are a DevOps and Cloud focussed company, based in Brussels. We are specialized in IT automation and integration. We do Cloud Implementations and provide Consultancy Services. We transform Development and IT Operations teams from using legacy tools and methodologies into fully functional teams. We train teams on the technologies and practices today’s successful companies are using.


We provide consultancy services to help you transforming your teams to be DevOps. We create a baseline for your team to get started. Our goal is to enable your teams to independently use DevOps. If a full commitment is not desired, we can provide ad-hoc support to your team for your DevOps problems. Take a look on the right hand side for some typical use cases.


Long time between deployments? Unable to roll out new features? Unable to meet project deadlines? Developers say it runs on their machine? Slow production environment? If any of this sounds familiar, your company might not have a DevOps culture. We can help you implement a DevOps structure and help transform your team to be better at delivering quality products.


You are using an agile methodology like scrum, you have well defined sprints, but still your project team is not able to deliver a product without bugs that ideally should have been seen during the development period? Your deployment process might not be missing something. We can help you building a robust deployment process. We can advise and implement you on tools that can help you steering your deployment process and achieve a process of rapid deployment.


Using state of the art cloud technology, but your production application is still running slow? We can have a look at your current infrastructure and design and implement robust high available auto scalable production applications.